I’ve always loved entertainment that treats people like participants, rather than spectators. It’s probably why I’ve had a lifelong obsession with pixels, power-ups, and being player one. Perhaps it’s why I’ve been performing card magic to ignite the moment of astonishment in the minds of strangers and friends alike for over ten years. But it is most assuredly why I love creating experiences for brands that take people on exciting adventures that are not soon forgotten.

Right now I'm at The Barbarian Group, making smart work for the internet and beyond with an amazing group of people. Before that I was at Translation, helping brands behave in ways they usually don’t. And a little before that, I helped architect digital experiences and disruptive campaigns at JWT NY.

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Copywriting from SCAD—where I also earned my BFA in Advertising, learning both the crafts of copywriting and art direction.

If you'd like to chat, send a bionic carrier pigeon my way.